Give £2000 and build a house

Many of the poor families in Tamil Nadu live in basic banana leaf huts that have muddy floors and leak when it rains.

Just £2000 will help a family build a simple new home and transform their lives.

Kanyakumari District, of which is Nagercoil is the administrative centre, has been hit by two natural disasters in recent times. In 2004 a record-breaking Tsunami wreaked havoc along the coastal region, destroying houses, fishing villages and boats and devastating the local fishing community. In 2017 Cyclone Ockhi also ravaged the area leaving death and destruction in its wake. These two events alone have had a profound effect on the local community and left many families homeless or living in makeshift huts without even basic amenities.

With a donation of £2000, plus land approved by the local council and the labour of friends and family, a simple two roomed house can become a secure home for these poor families. FEAST has built many such homes for needy families – transforming their lives.

Transform a family’s future for a one-off donation of £2000.

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