‘If you want to help me, help my children’


For just £8 a month you could transform a child’s life

For a child of a fishing family in Tamil Nadu it is the difference between having a life full of opportunity or one of extreme poverty.
Many have no proper home, living instead in muddy palm leaf huts or basic shelters on the beach, where sanitation, water and electricity are virtually non-existent, and health and hygiene problems are rife.
And whilst education is free in India, families forced to rely on fishing to provide an uncertain and meagre living are unable to afford the uniform and books their children need to go to school.

children2children 4

By helping to cover these costs you give a child the chance to escape the poverty trap and a way to bring new skills and life to the community. The charity is unique in providing each child with a long-term savings account in which 25% of this donation is saved. This lump sum is a tremendous help towards their further education or training.


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