India is a burgeoning economic power and yet 1 in 4 people are surviving on less than 20 rupees (30 pence) a day.
Desperate for money many turn to lenders who charge extortionate rates of interest on loans – potentially 120% per day.
But now they have an affordable alternative.
FEAST’s low rate lending allows people to borrow what they need at just 12%, with lengthy payback terms of 30 months. The interest is then reinvested back into the micro-credit scheme to help others in need.



Tamil Nadu’s coastline has little in the way of industry and therefore few employment opportunities.
FEAST’s education and enterprise programmes enable local people, especially women, to create their own employment opportunities by equipping them with skills such as tailoring, weaving, typing and basket making.
Having taught them new skills, the charity then equips them with the right tools with which to make a living, e.g. a typewriter, a tea urn, a taxi or sewing machine.
Every penny raised goes directly to help the poorest of the poor

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