Q & A

Whom does FEAST help?

FEAST helps anyone in need regardless of religion. In particular the charity supports many children who are orphaned or have only one parent. Other recipients of support include the elderly, the unemployed, the sick and dispossessed (e.g. those suffering from leprosy).

How is the money spent?

£6.00 of the monthly sponsorship money is used to buy school uniform, simple notebooks and reading books for all the children in the family. In the case of small families there is enough left to go towards food.

How many children receive sponsorship?

Over 3000 children receive sponsorship.  Many children are in further education and this number is growing every year.

What happens to my £8 per month?

FEAST is special because it provides immediate help but also plans for the future. Each month £2.00 of your £8 is transferred into the deposit account opened by FEAST for your sponsored child. This money cannot be accessed until the child comes of age. Twice a year FEAST pays out the accumulated remaining £6.00 monthly sponsorship to the child.

What happens if my sponsor child stops going to school?

Sponsorship ceases immediately. The money is to provide for the education of the children so that they will be able to compete in the fast-growing Indian society and not get left behind.

Can I write to my sponsor child?

Yes of course – they love to hear from you and will write back with their news.

How does FEAST cover its administration costs?

Every penny donated to FEAST goes to the poor people the charity supports.Administration costs, which are low, are covered by the interest on the capital.

How can I help with the enterprise scheme?

£40 will provide a man or woman with a sewing machine or a tea urn from which they can make a living, support their family and give them hope and dignity.

What if I want to make a general donation to FEAST?

General donations are much appreciated and go into a central fund to pay for items such as school uniforms for children who are not sponsored, saris for the elderly at Christmas and continuing support should a sponsor die or be unable to continue to sponsor.


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