FEAST in the UK

The main aims of FEAST UK are centred around attracting new sponsors for both children and the elderly and fundraising to support the wonderful work that this project is doing. Many events take place throughout the year generating vital funds; for example in 2019 the FEASTathon, a get fit with FEAST initiative, was organised. 30…

£96 per year will educate a child

Sponsoring a child’s education through FEAST gives them a life full of opportunity rather than one of extreme poverty. The £96 annual sponsorship is paid to the sponsored family in two instalments, 75% of it (£6 per month) going to the parent for the child’s education for as long as the child remains in school. The other…

£72 per year will help an elderly person

With no welfare state or old age pension in India, and families struggling to feed their families, many elderly people find themselves homeless and forced to beg once they are no longer able to work. FEAST enables elderly people to live a dignified old age thanks to a simple sponsorship programme. For just £72 per year FEAST…

100% of donations received go to the project to support the poor

FEAST is a special project that is helping to transform the lives of some of India’s neediest people. With clever organisation and judicious financial management, virtually every penny raised goes directly to the poor. With a minimum of administrative cost, FEAST organises sponsorship schemes for children, food and clothing for the elderly and the building…

Give £2000 and build a house

Many of the poor families in Tamil Nadu live in basic banana leaf huts that have muddy floors and leak when it rains. Just £1800 will help a family build a simple new home and transform their lives. Kanyakumari District, of which is Nagercoil is the administrative centre, has been hit by two natural disasters…


FEAST is a remarkable project that is helping to transform the lives of some of the neediest people in southern India.


Basic education in India is free, but uniforms, books and equipment all cost money that poor families or widowed mothers simply don’t have.

Help the Elderly

There is no social services network in India to help the elderly poor.

Build a house

Many families live in primitive palm leaf shelters that leak when it rains.